Working on the roof. 

Monday.  Started to working on the roof.  It will rain so hopefully the roof can be up ASAP.  At the end of the day, most part of the roof is up but the middle still not completely covered.

Dawn sent an email to update the status.

Hi Helen, trusses were delivered Friday and being set today. Then plywood, paper and shingles to follow.  These materials are made to withstand the elements so nothing to worry about there. Thx, Dawn

Foundation Stage (Approximately 30 Business Days) Apply for utilities now (water/sewer, power & gas)

·         Excavation

·         Foundation Footing Formed & Poured

·         Foundation Walls Formed & Poured Sewer determination to be made (hung vs gravity)

·         Water-proofing/Drain Tile/ Backfill/Plumbing Ground Works

·         Basement & Garage Slabs Poured Construction entrance will need to be extended to garage slab


 Frame Stage (Approximately 30 Business Days)

·         Floor Joists and Sub-flooring

·         Wall Framing and Roof Shingles

·         Windows & Exterior Doors

·         Stairs

FRAME WALK Bring meter base & place add’l purchased items (MM/outlets/lights/etc.) as well as island