Schedule the propane tank set up on 11/3/2015

Dawn emailed us :  Hi Helen, please call Shannon at Thompson Gas 571-292-3044 and schedule delivery of your propane for next Tue or Wed. Please ask that they set the tank as close to the garage possible but not on the garage slab.

I called Shannon and also emailed her.

Update:  Shannon replied on 10/29/15 and confirmed:   “I have added it onto our service schedule for November 3rd.”

Roof Seal at pipes was done and concrete porch is pouring today.

According to Dennis’ email:

The roof seal at pipes was done this morning. The concrete porch is pouring today. Everything is moving along on schedule. We will be begin the inspection process on your home Thursday . this process takes a few days we will be looking to do a pre-drywall meeting with you next week. Dawn will touch base with you early in the week as we get closer and can pinpoint that date accurately.

Dawn’s answers on a few questions we had.

Propane Supplier

I called Thompson Gas today to set up the account.  The call was transferred to Shannon.  She seemed very familiar with NDI.  She said since this is a temporarily set up, there will be no set up fee.  We just need to open the account and call them in one week advanced to schedule the installation. 

The cost would be $2.549 per gallon.  The delivery fee would be $9.98 + $3.99 = $13.97.  As NDI requested, they will deliver 100 gallon propane.  They will not refund if there are left over.  If 100 gallon propane is not enough, we can call for refill. The minimum refill is 50 gallon.