Met Vince and estimate move in date as 1/15/16

When I was checking our new house this morning, I happened to meet Vince, our new project manager.  He was very nice and showed me the schedule for our house and gave us an informal move in date.  He estimated it as 1/15/2016.  However, there are a lot of uncertainty elements like electricity, weather, etc.  Anyway, it is a good news for us.  Thank you Vince!


Utility – Electricity

After almost two weeks, I emailed Briana in Dominion Power to ask her why still now contractor working on our project.  She replied as following.

Our contractor starts between 7-10 business days from release date pending weather, workload, etc. but none of these dates are permanent dates. I have released the job to construction and I have very little control over when the job gets worked. As of right now our contractor is scheduled to start work next Monday 11/30 but that will just be the contractors portion the home still will not have permanent power by then. Once the contractor FINISHES their work contacting the construction supervisor assigned to the job will be the best option.

Utility – Electricity

We received an email from Dawn which indicated that we need to install a new tall pole.  It won’t cost us extra but might take longer time to finish.

Helen, I’ve spoken to Briana and she is releasing your project to construction today (DA Foster is Dominion’s trenching contractor) but they did discover that the pole that will be feeding your power has to be replaced so this may or may not add some time to the schedule. Once we know the schedule, you will be informed.  Thx, Dawn

Utility – Electricity

I emailed Briana from Dominion power yesterday to remind her that she told us that she would have finished the design.  She replied me today and mentioned that the design has been completed and she was waiting on approval.

In the evening, we got the documents emailed from Briana and we signed and sent the documents to both Briana and Dawn.

According to Briana, once we signed the document, she would release the documents and contractor will work on it normally in two weeks.